bewitched, bothered, bedazzled

Another project in the "gussied up jacket" category. This one is pretty self-explanatory but I am much happier with it than my previous effort just because I've got the whole thing figured out now and it is a much smoother process. I'm on a roll and might do one or two more before Christmas and call it done.

On another note, tonight I was teaching the "Paris Who" class I told you about... our topic for this evening was "Wardrobes: Making Choices, Caring for Yours, and Possible Malfunctions" and we had a great time. 11 and 12 year old girls have some interesting insights these days. We discussed the oh-so-common wardrobe malfunction sweeping schools everywhere - the low riding jean, when it's too low... you know... dare I say it... the coin slot. They had some very funny observations... about their school teachers, ladies at church... oh I heard some wild stories...

Rest assured, we had the "avert your eyes" discussion. We also discussed helping Mom with laundry, picking up your clothes and how to fold and hang things properly. I love pushing my own agenda!


Listoria said...

love the ramones jacket! just found your blog via inpirecompany. love the idea of the "paris who" class (i have had wardrobe conversations very similar to this with my 11 year old niece! the stories she tells - i roar laughing!)


Pepper said...

Keep pushin' your own agenda,it is workin' for me!