welcome autumn

Another reason to love the change of seasons. Today while Ben watched football, I puttered around and put out a few more fall decorations. Next to Christmas, it is one of my favorite decorating times! Especially when I opened the crawlspace and found the items I bought last year on sale after Halloween. It was like going shopping all over again! I made this wreath last year and had completely forgotten about it.

Ben is away for two weeks straight starting tomorrow so I plan to use my time wisely: decorating, Christmas shopping, crafting, scrapbooking and sewing. I have to swap out the summer cushions for the fall cushions, swap out the summer bedding for fall bedding, I have a few ideas for moving the furniture around, and those piles of unfinished craft projects are calling my name. Time to get it all taken care of. Just another reason to love fall.


June said...

Your autumn decorations and plans are wonderful. I especially love the way you present your photos--how ever do you do that?

Saucy said...

June, I can't take credit for those photo embellishments at all! I use mo's doo dads. It's like scrapbooking stuff for your computer!

Q said...

Your table top display is very pretty. Fall is a grand time to decorate for. I love the colors and all the motifs.