sweets from the sweet!

Look what arrived by post today from Maggie! My Club Little House partner swap parcel! Inside, I found all the tiny ingredients for hosting a festive birthday party in my little house:I hope these photos do justice to these tiny party treats. The tea service is so small and so detailed... and those spoons... they're just like the little spoons on Sesame Street all those years ago. I am just in love with them. Everything was wrapped so nicely, in small cellophane bags tied with the curliest satin ribbon. Thank you, Maggie! I enjoyed the Club Little House swap so much.

And to think, I thought I had nothing to blog today!


June said...

Wow, this is great! I love everything in Maggie's Club Little House mini-swap package.

Pepper said...

Nice!!!! When is the party????

The Fan said...

Oh wow! This package was a definite WOW - I saw it with my own eyes last night! Saucy made supper for all of us - the whole family (well Ben is in Chicago - at Wrigley Field, watching a game...but that's another story!)so we all drove out to look at the delightful Little House goodies!! So charming!!!!