sticker sweet

My friend Maureen came through town and unfortunately we missed each other. She dropped by and left a treat in the mailbox - stickers that look like my mascot, Clara! How utterly sweet of her to think of good old Clara when she saw those stickers!

I have known Maureen since elementary school. We grew up together in the same neighborhood. For over thirty years we have kept in touch and it is an enduring friendship. She is the mother of two of the cutest baby girls ever... when she sends me photos I save them to my iPod to show everyone Kaitlyn and Nicole's pretty faces. Even though we don't get to see each other very often, the sound of her voice on the end of the phone takes me back in time and I picture us sitting at her mother's kitchen table eating rice krispie cake. Thank you Maureen!

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The Fan said...

It's a GOOD THING to have a friend that you can say "we've been friends for thirty years"!! There is comfort in that, no need to explain anything, a continuity that comes from knowing that your Moms were friends, your brothers and sisters were friends, you had the same teachers, etc. I hope your daughters will get to know each other - I have also known Maureen since she was just a child, of course, and I'm just too darn proud of our Lawyer Maureen and now her two sweet daughters!