small luxuries

I just can't control myself - turn away if you are a Club Little House member: AVERT YOUR EYES! This is what I made for round three of Amy's CLH swap!

Hasn't everyone always wanted a Hermes handbag... even though they cost thousands of dollars and there is a wait list for even Sarah Jessica Parker? Well not for Club Little House members - no waiting here. Luxury is on its way.

Well surely I need a good excuse for not blogging over the long weekend but alas there's none. I totally took the weekend off after completing my Club Little House goodies and getting them away to the USA. I hope they make it over the border in good time. My sinus infection moved into high gear right around the time they were done so I declared it a national holiday (it already was) and lolled around doing... nothing.

We went to the brand new Cineplex on Friday night to see Little Miss Sunshine and it was poignant and funny, I loved every minute of it. And reclining seats! The joy of cineplex. Just what I needed after hunkering down at the craft table all week.
Now that the kids are back at school and life will return to its regular pace, my blog will get its much needed attention and I might actually do some baking. I love the return of fall, the change in cooking. Planning meals again. When the weather gets colder, it's nice to return to the old recipes that make the house smell comfortable and cozy.


em said...

Those bags are amazing! The recipients are soooo lucky.

I saw Little Miss Sunshine too and had a few good laughs from some of the irreverence.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I had a lot of fun putting together my package for The Club Little House mini-swap.

DivaDeb said...

Just too darn cute...just think how happy those little bitty fashionistas in the Little Houses will be!;o)

Miss Saucy, can I add your blog link to my blog page? I just love your fun stuff...besides, you look just like my sister in law and it cracks me up 'cause she is the LEAST crafty person I know!

Anonymous said...

Saucy, those bags ROCK!