made by... me!

I wanted to show you the little necklace I made. I recycled it, actually. It was a double strand gold chain with large pearls at different intervals. It didn't cost very much, so I decided to jazz it up a bit.

I tied and knotted some gorgeous scrapbooking fibres to cover the chain. It was more work than I anticipated because I wanted it to look chunky and uneven and a little interesting, so I had to vary my knots and sizes.

I sewed three colours of Swarovski Crystals onto the fibre bits after I was done with the tying. This photo really doesn't do justice to those little crystals because they really, really sparkle.

I added a tiny bow of sheer ribbon and here it is! Ready to wear with my brocade jacket from Anthropologie... but a mere fraction of the price of their amazing necklaces.


jenny holiday said...

My oh My! Knock me over with a feather!! Tooo fab!! Love it!!
Hi! I'm Jenny by the way!! a Lurker!! Love your blog...almost fell off my chair when I saw the mini Hermes really...c'mon!! Are you kidding!! Geez! I look forward to the eye candy and fun of your blog daily!! So glad I found you!! I cannot wait for another swap..(maybe this time I'll get in) knock socks off!! Best Wishes!! Happy Fall..Happy crafting!! Happy Blogging!...and do something fun this weekend!!! xoxo Jenny a fan!

Pepper said...

Buddy, how do you find the time??? That necklace is beautiful!!!

cherry menlove said...

Stunning. Just stunning!

Kelly Hicks said...

I have a friend that knows a little something about just "how crazy" time consuming the jewlery game can be. It is an incredible piece you've created!!! I am scared though you are entering more areas to feed your non-stop creative, well I'll say it...illness. Also Congratulations!! This month makes six official months of blogging!! Be very, very proud! We all look forward to keeping up on the latest most wonderful things you do !!!! Love Kelly xo

pinar said...

I like adding my touch to jewely..I loved your creation.. did you pass the fibres in and out the chain??..

Zara Page said...

It looks great! A couple more of these and it will be good enough for my flower girls. Thanks for sharing!