huguenot torte

In keeping with my "all things Martha" adage, I had to try the recipe that Dorothy Mae Brown cooked on the Martha Stewart Show this past week. It is called a torte but in no way resembles a cake or torte that I have ever seen. I was so intrigued by the segment on the show that I made sure to pick up the Granny Smith apples and heavy cream required. I invited Mom and Dad, Granny and Aunty to have a taste test tonight.

The verdict? It was very easy to make and very, very sweet. It was delicious. The recipe made enough dessert for an army so keep that in mind if you try it. Because you break it into pieces and serve it with whipped cream, it sort of looks like it fell on the floor before you picked it up and served it to your guests, so beware. That might not be the message you want to send.


The Fan said...

Another of your great desserts - it was VERY sweet - and you are right about the quantity (TWO large pans - enough for about twenty folks, I would guess)You're also correct - it tastes ever so much better than it looks -(but it DID look nice in your antique sundae dishes)!
You ALWAYS did love Fall - but you have outdone yourself with your decorations this year!!! Your orange, gold and bronze mums in big pots, swathed in burlap and tied with twine - in all the unexpected places - just grand!!!!

Brooke said...

Hi - I also saw Martha and Dorothy Mae make this and have been wanting to try it. I made it last night, to take to my mom's for Thanksgiving. I cooked it for 45 mins and it looked done to me. But like yours, mine completely fell apart and crumbled to pieces when I tried to cut it -- even after refrigerating it overnight. I guess it's supposed to do that? Seems like I remember DOrothy Mae's sticking together and looking almost like cookie bars. Or am I wrong? Do you think it should be cooked longer? The inside of mine has the consistency of a pecan pie, almost. But it's crunchy on top. I also wondered if you were supposed to peel the apples or leave the peeling on. What do you thinK? It is delicious though!! I love that I've found an apple dessert with cinnamon in it!