feeling lucky?

Every single day I log into the Tide website and Spin to Win a new iPod that looks like a box of Tide detergent. Isn't it adorable? I love campy things, and this is the height of kitchz!

I realize by sharing this information with you, there is every possibility that you may also log in and Spin to Win, thus decreasing my chances to carry this snazzy bit of orange techno around... but that's how much I like you! Good luck.


June said...

Sorry but you're absolutely right, I'm logging on that site right away although I already have an iPod. My honey could use one.

Please forgive me and don't worry, I very, very rarely (actually only once in my life and that was a blog drawing recently) ever win anything at all.

June said...

Nevermind. I tried it but I'm inelgible because I don't live in Canada--that's what I get for evil thoughts of trying to win. Shame on me but best of luck to you!