ready to rock!

Many goings-on here at dragonfly house. Not much rest, even in the lazy summertime.

Loopy's bass guitar has arrived! A purchase from eBay. I've purchased from eBay before, but never something of much value... I was pretty anxious. But it arrived in a huge box, packed so carefully by its previous owner and in perfect condition. Let the lessons begin. She may rock and roll all night, but she will not party every day!

This bass guitar is by Daisy Rocks Girl Guitar Company and is one-eighth the size of a regular bass guitar. Designed for girls! Isn't that the cleverest idea? I love anything that encourages girls to try new things.

I have also started working on my Club Little House submission. Here is the tiniest hint: it is orange, and it is JUICY!! But it is not tiny orange fruit nor does it have anything to do with autumn! Oh, that should have your heads scratching for days, my friends!


The Fan said...

Happy August! School will begin in just a few days, or so it seems. Looks to me like you and "The Mr." will be needing earplugs when Sweet Loopy starts plunking on that pink guitar!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I can hardly wait to see what you've come up with for the doll house swap!
Lucky Loopy! Wow, what a color! I have 5 neices and 3 great neices. I'm enjoying watching them grow up with so many more choices than when I was a girl. Girls seemed to play the piano, violin or the flute when I was growing up. Few of us played organized sports...oh how things have changed for the better!

Christine said...

That is awesome! Does she still have it and play it? I'm not sure if you will wind up answering this here but maybe I'll find out in future blog posts too, just like that dollhouse picture that I hope to see. Orange and juicy..I'm going to guess...ya ok I really have no idea lol. I would read ahead and find out and post it here but I feel like that would be cheating :P

Christine Bruce