loopy, uncle bug and the froggies

Loopy and her Uncle Bug have had an ongoing gag with their froggies for a long time now. They pose the frogs doing funny things and send photos to each other via email. She gets such a kick out of it and at the same time she fiddles away on Photoshop and learns a whole lot. Today she posed Grins playing the retro Atari game. Here are some of Froggy, Groggy and Grins adventures:

As you can see, unattended frogs get into lots of trouble.


Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh so funny! Loopy is lucky to have SUCH an uncle!

Samantha said...

Those froggies can get into lots of funny situations.

Christine said...

Crimes Against Humanity!!! HAHAHAHA. That picture of the wanted froggie is by far my favorite!

Christine Bruce