Loopy is so happy! Her BFF Macy is home from their cabin for a couple of days. They've been apart all summer. Macy is sleeping over tonight, complete with popcorn, movies, and a hot tub.

For supper we barbequed hot dogs and hamburgers and served potato chips. No veggies or salad necessary in this situation. The girls helped by making homemade lemonade (kept them busy for a full half hour while we were cooking).

The key to a successful sleepover is in the planning. We leave nothing to chance. I go grocery shopping and stock up on the essentials: sugar, carbs, soda, marshmallows and junky cereal. All of the non-food groups are represented nicely. Then off to Blockbuster for a selection of cheezy
chick flicks and microwave popcorn. They have set up camp in Dad's den and taken over the remote control. I skewered some jolly, gooey candies for the munchies.

I have a special breakfast planned for them. We will start with my customary post-sleepover morning "Crabby-tinis". I serve shaken juices with sparking water into martini glasses with a maraschino cherry. I have a special "little something" planned for breakfast and will post it here as soon as they are up and finished eating (around noon at the earliest if history repeats itself)! I can't wait to show it to you...

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