i dabble too, i doo

Well here it is... my first digital scrapbooked layout. My friends and family out there have known about my addiction to scrapbooks since I was just a little Saucy "SashaBaby" back then who saved everything - even the frosting roses off my birthday cakes. I dried them oh so carefully on pieces of paper towel and placed them in a box in my dresser. In high school, every passed note, every dance ticket pressed out and committed to those horrible plastic sticky albums. Scrapbooks from part-time jobs, cheerleading teams, weddings of friends... scrap obsessed.

Every time I move all of the ephemera and binders get packed up and come along, with the boxes and tupperwares filled with ribbon, glue and buttons. Much, much more of it still resides with the fan, desperate for my Ya-hub to finally settle his real estate yearnings into the final dwelling that she is sure will have a room devoted to my Encylopedia of Saucy library.

But wait, there may yet be hope. I have discovered the world of digital scrapbooking, an art form I will attempt to master. It may be hard to explain to non-scrappers but the gist is this: the scrapbooks you create are "virtual" and stored on your computer. Instead of buying bits and snips at the craft store, you can download digital elements to embellish your layout, or design. My friend Amy explained it beautifully here and if you read it you will understand my latest obsession with Mo's Delightful Doodads. I will never live in a world free from bits and pieces - Goddess forbid I am ever without my bedazzler - but this new medium has me completely smitten.


Pauline said...

Wow, fantastic for your first attempt you say!!!I am a little proficient at Adobe Photoshop, and took the HP online digital scrapbooking class but have yet to produce one. Your design is wonderful.
The bottom link is not exactly a webpage, but my photobucket site where my "fun with Adobe" pictures are, also have tons of other albums at this site too.

Lauren said...

I adore Mo's goodies also!

Pepper said...

Just checked out your blog and it is so fantastic. Glad Pepe found his way home.

Saucy said...

Pauline, I would love to see your photobucket... not sure how to find the link but can you fire it to me via comments?

Jen said...

What an opportunity to attend the Emmy awards... you looked lovely.

Christine said...

The Emmy Awards?!?!?! Lucky!!! I'm sure you had an awesome time there, that's fantastic. Holy cow I'm sure jealous! And the scrapbook layout looks fantastic. I imagine scrapbooking on the computer is alot easier than in real life, do you just wind up printing the sheets off?

Christine Bruce