happy birthday ben

my husband
awesome dad
business man
baseball fan
world traveler
natty dresser
briefcase totin'
fast movin'
saucy lovin'
reclinin' football watchin'
poker playin'
cheesecake eatin'
birthday boy!


The Fan said...

Saucy forgot to say:


nice son-in-law-in' !

Hicks said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Ben!!! Your present is in the mail being sent late as usual extra express! Really!! Hope you're having a great birthday. We love you!
Oh Auntie Momma says you can add shopping!!!!
Love The Hicks' especially Jack&Moira xoxo

Saucy said...
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Loopy said...

Don't forget gas passin'!

Anonymous said...

You forgot:

cattle brandin'
steer it'n !!!

Anonymous said...

And: Big Ass truck drivin

Anonymous said...

Oh...what about:

Steer ridin'
Nose breakin'

Anonymous said...

John Deere tractor-in'
sweet corn eatin

Anonymous said...

C'mon guys! I knew him when:

Baseball Playin'
snuff spittin'

Nik said...

cigar-pen writin'!?!?!?
You'll see soon as I see you!

Saucy said...

I think I forgot to say also:

cell phone talkin'
loopy dotin'

Anonymous said...

or what about

golf ball losin'
e-bay buyin'