come on in

Welcome to my little house. It stands on a cabinet with a revolving turntable. There are two drawers for storage below that hold seasonal decorations and all of the little projects yet to be installed. We still haven't decided how to stain the exterior of this little house inhabited by teddy bears. The entire backside of it opens up to reveal the interior.
Bailey, the German Shepherd, stands guard in the dog run. The fire hydrant turns clockwise and the lights of the house magically appear.
Come on in for a visit. The porch light is on and the fire is crackling! The bears are cozy and warm and dreaming of hibernation.
As in so many homes of this age, the bathroom is in sad need of a makeover. One of these days, the new wallpaper will be hung and the towel bars with crosstitched handtowels will make an appearance. The floor tile is new.
Mrs. Bear spends so much time in the nursery caring for the cubs. The twins, Fuzzy and Wuzzy are in the crib.


Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh my goodness!!! This is one of the sweetest dollhouses I've ever seen. So cozy. I love it! Especially the sofa by the wonderful fireplace.
I can't wait to see it decorated for the holidays!

christine said...

And the dog run! So cute.

Christine Bruce