barn swallows

In the late dark evening my dearest sweet friend Pepper was leaving last night. We'd had a good long visit catching up as she's been away at her new cabin all summer.

She has amazing night vision because she noticed the tiniest baby bird with a funny smiling beak - nestled between the stones on my front post step! He was tiny, adorable and vulnerable.

I knew I couldn't sleep a wink if I thought he'd be the snack of some cat the golf course keeps around to catch mice.

I decided to give my friend Marit a call. She's not only the author of a child's story book about birds, she's a bird lover and somewhat of an ornithologist. She and her father care for injured birds on their property. Marit gamely drove over at midnight to help me with my birdie troubles.

We turned out the porch lights and she picked up that little guy and had a good look. He was a baby barn swallow, probably couldn't really fly too well yet, but had made his way out of the nest and likely hopped onto the stone. She explained that they nest on cliffsides and buildings.

Marit decided that he'd likely just need to make it through the night and then his bird family would come looking for him in the morning if he was making his hungry sounds.

Now we just had to find a safe spot for him.

This is the spot my little friend was perched. Of course I named him. He looked like a Pepe to me.

We placed Pepe carefully inside my front door wreath. (Yes, it looks like that wreath from Crate and Barrel but it's not. They won't ship to Canada so I made one just like the catalogue).

He was so adorable sitting in the wreath. So tiny, so cute. I wanted to take his photo to show you but I was afraid he would have a stroke or something, using my flash in the dark like that.

This is my re-creation of events. Pepe was gone in the morning when I wanted to photograph him but his family was swirling around the porch and one of his parents came down to the wreath to say hello when I got the mail.


Marit said...

Oh! I'm so glad he was reunited with his family. Most likely was yelling for food at 6 Little bug! He made my night. What a perfect little being.
P.S. That wreath is really quite better watch out or it will become a birdie hotel!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I agree, the wreath is wonderful! So are the photos and your story about Pepe and his family. So happy that it all worked out!

Christine said...

Thats so sweet of you. I hate when baby birds fall out of their nests and you don't know what to do with them. I'm glad that his family came back and got him in the morning.

Christine Bruce