we are at it again

Loopy Sid and I have spent the last two, gorgeous summer days indoors. We got busy making note cards out of old greeting cards. Here are the first twenty.

I don't know how many more we will make, I can hardly bear to cut up greeting cards that have been given to any of us. I have hatboxes filled with them as I am part pack-rat, all sentimental. These are mostly made from thank you cards, and I still managed to cut off the written messages and put them back into the hatboxes, memories intact.

In the meantime, Sid and I have a nice little craft to work on over the summer that requires little to no investment. We raided our scrap paper, button and fastener jars, and got the sewing machine humming to use up the last remnants of threads from long finished sewing projects.

If we produce enough of them, we may snag a table at one of the fall craft shows and Sid can be an entrepreneur. She is saving for an iPod... I wonder how many notecards that is worth?


Donna said...

Hi Sasha and Sidney, It's Aunty Donna. Trish just passed on your blog; it's now in my favourites list. Sounds like you did Chicago in fine style--way to go! Save some of the notecards for me.

christine said...

Wow those turned out awesome. I definitely would have either chucked them after putting them in a pile of scraps or lost them so thats pretty cool that you two thought of doing this.

Christine Bruce