late night (and I mean really late) crop

The Loopster and I attended our first "late night crop" session at our scrapbooking club. I have been a member at this particular establishment since 1999 and Sidney got her first membership a year ago and has been dying to attend a "crop party."

For the non-scrapbookers out there, do you know what a "crop party" is? Well it sounds pretty good, but in actuality it means the store stays open all night long and crazy scrapbookers like us go there after supper and stay as long as we can. I had suspected as much. It was much more crowded in the workroom than on our usual Sunday afternoon crop-by-ourselves session.

But Loopy wanted to go and try it for a very long time, and whatever Loopy wants, Loopy gets when it comes to creating, dabbling, or making art in general. We went for a nice girl's dinner beforehand and came to an exciting conclusion: we are going to try our hand at making scrapbooking papers and goodies!

I mean, who better than us to try that? Grandpa is a famous printmaker with a printing press in his studio. I have taught printmaking to elementary and high school students when I was an art teacher. Sidney has been printing off lithography plates with Grandpa since she was teeny-tiny and they printed her Pokemon drawings as "limited editons" together! We have printed wedding invitiations, art posters, fine art and greeting cards on that press together - so why not nifty scrapbooking paper! The niftiest paper this side of Nantucket because it will be hand-pulled and trimmed by us.

You see, at the age of 11, little Loopy has been using PhotoShop for years. She designs her own backgrounds for her digital scrapbooking (and I nipped into them when I designed my blog banner). And so we don't plan to venture into the digital scrapbooking world anytime, it will be a fun summer project to plan our 12X12 papers and enter into some major production. I hope Grandpa doesn't mind us in his studio!


Mrs. Staggs said...

Well, I for one am a big fan of your blog posts! I bet you will find lots of folks will feel the same way once they discover your site. It sometimes takes a little while.
Love all that you shared from Chicago. I haven't been there yet, but really want to visit one day. Your beloved Red Sox beat my guys last night too!
Too bad about the spam. I always think things like that feel like such an invasion of privacy. I don't mind doing the verification thing...nearly all the Blogger sites require it and I'm starting to notice some Typepad sites are starting to also.
I'm looking forward to seeing the scrappin' pages you and Looopy come up with....what a good idea!

Q said...

I was so pleased to read about your scapbooking and your adventure in making paper and paper things. I too enjoy paper of all sorts! I scrapbook also. Every month I put the charming pieces of paper that come my way into a monthly scrapbook. I have one for each month. Come the beginning of a month I get the scrapbook for that month out and enjoy what I did last year and the year before and before...
I enjoy your posts.

Christine said...

I've never heard of crop parties but that sounds fairly intense lol. I think its great that you two connect over something artsy and creative. After reading alot of your blog posts it seems you two really get along well and have alot of things to do together and have lots of fun. I'm 20 and I can't even use photoshop so Loopy makes me feel a smidge inept on that one! LOL.

Christine Bruce