chicago photos

Here we go with a few of the photos from our trip to Chicago last week! I'm posting all of them on Flickr too.

Dad had a late night meeting, so we went to Ghiradelli for a little chocolate fix!

Navy Pier was a hit! Sidney tried so many new things... she went on the ferris wheel, the wave swinger ride, the 3-D Adventure ride, made a new bear at Build-a-Bear Workshop, ate Dippin' Dots ice cream...

We had an amazing night at the ballpark. We saw the Chi Sox play the Bo Sox at US Cellular Field. It was a clear, warm evening and the park was full.

Finally! Opening the door to American Girl Place! Yippee!

It was a thrill to take Sid to American Girl Place... she was a real trooper - we got to Chicago on Thursday and we didn't get to AGP 'til Sunday and she didn't whine one bit!


Anonymous said...

Great site lots of usefull infomation here.

NancyBradshaw said...

Loopy's definitely grown up. =D