busy busy busy

Well, well, well, I have to apologize to the blogosphere. I have been negligent in my blogging duties of late. But really, I have a myriad of excuses: one, I was pretty unwell on the weekend and didn't even make it near the computer, and two: we've been getting ready for our trip to Chicago - we leave tomorrow!

All of that, and, I need to reload my beloved iPod Nano. My iTunes library got wiped out recently, and when I updated I lost most of my music (700 songs put on since Christmas) - and I have been trying to get it loaded back up with all of my travelling favorites. Not an easy job.

In the meantime, we had a nice long weekend around here, saw the new X-Men movie, and The Devil Wears Prada, I got my hair cut super, super short (nice for summer travel but I am still a wee bit sad about not having my long blonde hair) and now the packing, oh the packing!

We may attempt to blog a very little bit from our holiday, I think I'm all set up for it, depending on how things go. If not, I surely will post some interesting photos on our return. We will be seeing Wicked the Musical, the Sox game on Friday night, Sidney will be taking a class at American Girl Place, seeing the American Girl Review, eating at the American Girl Cafe, and shopping here. A little tourist-ey, but what the heck? See you when we get back (maybe sooner)!


Mrs. Staggs said...

I sure hope you are feeling better and that all goes well on your trip to Chicago. Sounds like a good time...especially the baseball game...a lot old Mariners playing for that team now!
Sending good wishes your way...don't blog...just relax and have a good time!

Kelly Hicks said...

I'm addicted to your blogging. Jack & I like to check in on you now since his birthday stardom. Take it easy this weekend. You & Sid are going to have such a wonderful time & the weather forecast looks beautiful. They're going to mistake you two for sisters no doubt with your new cut. I can picture it being sooo cute and fun on you! Have a great trip! Love you all.

Marit said...

Have a great trip! Be so touristy it makes you sick! See the fairy castle! Make faces at the Jumbotron!!!

Anonymous said...

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