sew darn crafty

With our second wedding anniversary coming up, I wanted to do something nice for Ben's man room. In the man room, everything is manly. It is Ben's domain, complete with theatre seating, football and baseball memorabilia, and other testosterone-laden items.

So while shopping here I found three different Green Bay Packers sweatshirts for the rock-bottom price of $15.0o each. And at Liquidation World (another favorite haunt) I found really ugly cushions to cover for $1.20.

I have to piece together the green fleece because the embroidered crests were too high on the chest to be centered on the cushions for the man room. I'm topstitching the seams to give them a real jersey look. I admit that I'm not really an accomplished seamstress at all, but I can sew a straight line and figure things out so I can usually whip up pillowcases or curtains.

That's what I'm working on today. I will post the finished items when they're done! And ssshhhh... don't tell! It's a surprise.


Mrs. Staggs said...

....I'll never tell!
Wow, what a clever idea! I'm looking forward to seeing them when you are finished making them.
Hope you have a nice weekend!

Anna said...

That is such a cool idea. my dad and bro's are such big packer fans. I may need to pass this idea on to my mom!


Christine said...

Oh football. Lol thats awesome that he has a man room. The only man room we have is the garage haha. I love finding fan shirts and things at stores for super cheap. Way better than getting them at the actual places. I got a Minnesota Wild jersey for $4 at value village to bother my friends with during Stanley Cup time. I'm sure he won't mind that you're not an amazing seamstress. In fact I'm sure he didn't even notice.

Christine Bruce