an open letter to my brother

Ha! Caught you looking!

My brother came over the other night for Father's Day dinner and helped me with my blog for a while. He was very helpful. He ate and ate.

But seriously, he showed me how to fancy up my blog a bit and yesterday I designed a lovely new banner, which I emailed to him and he will host for me because apparently that's how these things work and now I am at his mercy waiting, waiting, waiting for news about this situation.

You see, my brother is very smart and very cool. We went shopping today at the local pawn shop. I had never set foot in a pawn shop before and he warned me that it could be smelly (it was) and sad (oh, it was) but it was very interesting. I am glad I carry purell.

My brother teased me about the goofy clock on my blog but I deflect his computer-geniusy jabs because I am a "newb" and I was pretty impressed with myself for getting that silly thing to work. Plus - I changed the colour of it to green so it would match my titles and my lovely, gorgeous banner that is coming soon.


Jan said...

THe blog looks very professional. Good job! No links to I notice - no worries - I wouldn't either. I'm such a newb I think I posted this comment to a strangers blog. Sheesh!

The Other Brother

Christine said...

Of course we were looking :P
Lol apparently you aren't such a noob anymore and you've gotten a hang of decorating your blog and such! Its pretty cool seeing the difference between your posts from three years ago to now!

Christine Bruce