my dirty little secret

For those of you not from my home town, you may not understand this, but humor me anyway: I am divulging this little secret... I shop here sometimes.

Now, I know it shouldn't matter, but if you knew this town like I know this town you would realize that:

a) this is not in the nicest or safest area of town; and,
b) it doesn't have the least bit of panache.

But, insofar as shopping goes, and I mean shopping, as in hunting, this place is the greatest. Like a little secret only I know about. Only now I am telling everyone, and for those of you who read my blog regularly - (shout out to Lolly for doing some replanting!) I do like my shopping. I love to find really, very good bargains. I like going to strange out-of-the way discount sort of places where the cement floor needs a wash (and yes I would probably offer to do it for them in exchange for a gift card) and the clientele might be a little... uh... can I use the word "sketchy"?

My theory is that these funny discount places are awesome because almost all of the people that I know wouldn't be caught dead even in the parking lot, but I go right on in and find the best bargains... and no one is the wiser. So I can pick up some nifty things and stuff the leftover money in my mattress, right where it belongs, under the Kate Spade sheets I got at Liquidation World.

Today's case in point: my lovely 100% dupioni silk curtains that I just hung in our master bedroom. They look exactly like the 100% dupioni silk curtains that I wanted from Restoration Hardware, only at Restoration Hardware they would not have cost $29.95. These curtains are fully lined and let me tell you, they are gorgeous... and at this store I still had the option of picking up a Baby Ruth candy bar for 69 cents at the checkout, how often does that happen at Pottery Barn, I ask?


tamdoll said...

Ha! I do the same thing where I live. Sometimes I'm terrified that my car won't be outside when I get back to it, but it's worth it!

Pepper said...

A good tip though, go in the daytime, with "back-up"!
I went after hockey one night and it was a little bit scary!!!!!

Anna said...

Wow! What a great deal on the curtains. I love a great bargain.


Christine said...

hahahaha thats hilarious! i love stores like that because then you never have to worry about stuff being gone either. theres a store in my hometown thats hidden away behind everything and even though the town is pretty small not that many people know about it and its pretty much the same thing as your store here. gotta love bargains! I totally agree with you. whats the point in paying a ridiculous amount of money for something that you can get for way cheaper and have it look the same?

Christine Bruce