loopy's paper bag book

I proudly present to you the paper bag book that Sidney made for the end of her school year as a little memento for herself. It's her first effort (in truth, I'd never even done one) and I helped her with the machine stitching. We worked on it over the weekend and she took it to school today so her classmates could sign the autograph page.

We enjoyed working on this together so much that we plan to do a few more of them over the summer. I had no idea that the paper bag book was so much fun! There are so many little flaps and pockets to explore, the possibilities are endless.

Nicely done Sidney Jean! Mom loved it so much, she blogged it.


Marygrace said...

Oh, Loopy! That was a terrific paper bag book! What a nice keepsake (p.s. you are the BEST artist in the whole Family!)
With absolutely NO prejudice, love you, Grandma!

maryann said...

Very nice! glad you shared it!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh wow, I really like this! What a wonderful idea for an autograph book. It turned out great!
It would be fun to make one of these to take on a trip and use as a journal too.
Thank you for sharing it!

Anna said...

That is so fun. Congrats to her.
paperbag albums really are SO fun!!

NancyBradshaw said...

What a wonderful idea!! That's stellar! =D


Christine said...

That's awesome. I never would have thought to make one out of paper bags. I would definitely wind up destroying it :\ but I'm not artsy like you guys lol. It's so pretty! Well done you two.

Christine Bruce