has anyone seen my duck?

We take Wacky Hair Day very, very seriously in this family. Every June, students at Loopy's school are invited to wear their wackiest hair styles. I think about Wacky Hair Day all year long.

Loopy won the top prize every year from Kindergarten to Grade 2, we forgot (horrors!) in Grade 3 (and I -seriously - was very unhappy when I realized that we forgot what is maybe my eighth or ninth favourite day of the year).

This year we turned Loopy's hair into a giant duck. Her long hair (it falls to her elbows) was pinned into a ginormous updo and secured with 144 bobby-pins that I wired with yellow feathers. They eyes I hot glued to small clips and I fashioned her beak from craft foam.

We didn't win this year because of the wig scandal.

The best part of the day was after school. Whenever she said anything, Buddy (oh teenage brother!) said, "what's that sound, all I hear is quack, quack". We took her for ice cream and asked the server if they had anything with quackers in it. We tried to talk her into trying on giant orange sunglasses at the department store, but she was tiring of us so we went home. There's always next year.


Mrs. Staggs said...

You have a great site Sasha! Thank you for sending me the URL. Love this cute ducky hair and will keep this in mind to send to my neice to think about. She has two little girls and often needs costume ideas. Thanks again!

Maryann said...

Uh--what is the WIG SCANDAL?? I must know why she didn't win again!! :)
She looks great, btw! (Or should I say she looks 'just ducky'!?!) :)

Anna said...

That is such an awesome duck hat. I can't imagine all those bobby pins. What is the wig scandal?


Christine said...

That's so cute! I never really got into Wacky Hair Day but I take Halloween VERYY seriously. That hairdo looks like it took alot of work..with 144 bobby pins in there that must have started to hurt the scalp a little bit. This wig scandal sounds pretty serious :P haha how unfortunate!

Christine Bruce