things to do

Now that graduation is behind me, I have so many things to get busy with! A summer filled with crafts and hobbies! If the weather clears this weekend, I plan to refinish the old park bench and table. I bought the stain last year and didn't get to it.

Next on the list: dollhouse renovation. Hopefully Daddy and I will finish the wiring and the interior walls. After that, I have the exterior on the tiny real estate and the people house. With landscaping on both homes I should be busy well into August.

I also have scrapbooking to work on, I want to try digital scrapbooking, I have some memorabilia to frame from my cheerleading days, and today I picked up some canvas to start two acrylic paintings that are trapped in my head and begging to get out. I want to make a few hatpins to use up the last of my favorite beads, and I also plan to work on Christmas tree ornaments for this year's theme tree. I haven't yet decided if I will design for the Festival of Trees or not.

Today I finally finished my little wedding scrapbooks for the bridesmaids, soon to be delivered with love.

But for today, I potted this little group of cactus plants for Buddy. I can't complain about the pricklies, even though they came right through the rubber gloves I wore. They come with the territory.


Q said...

Sweet garden. You are very creative and fun to know!
Thanks for inviting me over.

lizp02 said...

Scrapbooking is awesome.
I always start though...and never finish.

- Liz Park

Christine said...

Ugh I tried scrapbooking once. That ended badly. LOL. One thing about cacti, it takes alot to kill them. I have sat on one though, that was rather unpleasant so I feel your pain (literally) when it comes to your hands haha.

Christine Bruce