spoiled rotten!

My excuse for not blogging lately is actually quite good! I had planned to blog right after watching the final episode of Will & Grace (I loved it, by the way) but I couldn't blog about it until Lolly and Pepper saw it... I didn't want to give anything away! They came over to watch the Oprah Legends special on Monday night. We had fresh strawberry daquiris (I just adore mixing cocktails for my buddies).

My other exciting news is that my Dad and I both graduated this week! My Dad was bestowed with an honorary PhD from the University he taught at for years... and I graduated with my Master's Degree! Today we are off to another ceremony. I can't wait to get our photos back to post those, too! I am so proud of Daddy. He made the commencement address and it was very emotional for all of us. We had some special dinners and celebrations.

I have also been well remembered and spoiled by many who congratulated me this week. What a treat to get nice flowers! I am so spoiled...

What a treat - this gorgeous bouquet from the Hicks family in Windsor. So sweet of them to think of me today.

A dozen roses from my brother Jan and his wife Susan!

And these are from sweet little Sidney Jean. Also, most of my Mother's Day flowers are still looking gorgeous so it is like a regular flower shop around my house and I love it, love it, love it!


Marit said...

Congratulations Sasha on your and your dad's graduation!!! I'm very happy for both of you. I still have your birthday present for next time I see you!!!!
*all hail the graduate*!!!!
Marit :o)

Kelly said...

I love this blogging! What a fantastic little place. You're doing an amazing job keeping up! I don't know how you do it !! Congratulations again on your Graduation celebrations. That is really something special & you can treasure always. Love you Kelly xo

Anna said...

Gorgeous flowers and belated congrats. That is so cool that both you and your dad graduated at the same time!

lizp02 said...

Those flowers are gorgeous!
And an extremely LATE congratulations on you and your dad's graduation!

- Liz Park

Christine said...

Thats so awesome! Late congratulations! I really like that white flower in the last boquet with the pink notes. Very pretty.

Christine Bruce