lemon pie, oh my!

We made a lemon meringue pie for Ben today. Maureen gave us the dish for a house warming gift. I am sure that is what turned the tide in my favor. The meringue is a mile high! The recipe is from the Williams-Sonoma cookbook. I only made the pie to use up the lemons that I zested for the lemoncillo at Buddy's birthday... so I used the lemons but I have two egg yolks leftover... now what will I make???


Maureen said...

Yahoo! What a great looking pie! With leftover egg yolks, make butterhorns! Let me know if you want the recipe!

Christine said...

MMM Lemon Meringue pie is my favorite! Only I don't really like the Meringue I always give it to someone else lol. It's just the lemon part that I adore. That look so tasty though! Especially if you made it from scratch with real lemons rather than just the boxed stuff.

Christine Bruce