hi-hat cupcakes on parade

Who could possibly wait to cut into this yummy, marshmallowy goodness?

This Mother's Day it was just us girls. Mom, Granny, Aunty, Sidney and I. Four generations! We spent the afternoon fussing over how to make the hi-hat cupcakes. The frosting is marshmallow. Granny was the project supervisor.

The cupcakes have to chill before you dip them in chocolate.... mmmm they looked good already! We had a great afternoon bickering with each other about how long to cook the frosting, how much chocolate to melt, yadda yadda yadda.


Amy said...

Hi, Saucy, you sweetie pie. I didn't throw away your comment (I promise!) I just didn't know how to get in touch with you to give you my information. My email is amy@inspireco.com. Please email me.

Seeker said...

I'm guessing you like 'choklit'.

Anna said...

Yum. This is a recipe I need. I love choc and marshmallows. Where did you ever find this recipe? Those look SO good!!!


NancyBradshaw said...

Marshmallow frosting? Methinks it would be great without the chocolate though. Not a big fan of that. =D


michelleb. said...

They look so pretty. The dipped chocolate looks like Magic Shell.


Christine said...

MMMM! That reminds me of something that Coldstone Creamery had when I was there in February. It was like a cupcake with icecream and marshmallow on top of it. It was sooo good! Despite all the bickering they seemed to turn out pretty good judging by the pictures!

Christine Bruce