flower pot cupcakes

Sidney and I made these super-cute dirt desserts for Mother's Day gifts. Martha Stewart made them this week and it got me remembering the "dirt pies" I used to make for Buddy when he was a little guy - a mixture of chocolate pudding, crushed oreos and gummy worms.

These are slightly different; the clay pots are lined with parchment and we baked the cakes right in them. They are frosted with chocolate icing and Sidney sprinkled the oreo crumbs on the top and decorated with candy rocks and the little plants are sprigs of mint. You should line the inside of the pots with parchment so your cake doesn't take on the taste of the terracotta or clay pot.

We delivered them around town this morning. We hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day eating dirt. That sounds awful! But they weren't awful, they were yummy and delicious. Happy Mother's Day!


Seeker said...

That's a neat idea!

Anna said...

So creative and such a neat idea. I may do this for the teachers end of year gifts.


Christine said...

Thats so cute! That reminds me of the Jonas live chat on facebook when Kevin was trying to remember what these were called. Or close to these anyways. You and Loopy should try sending the JB some of these lol :)

Christine Bruce