hail to the chocolate chief

Oh lucky me! My honey knows a guy who knows a guy who got me these patriotic bits 'o chocolately goodness from AIR FORCE ONE! I love M&M's and the very cool very exclusive packaging - I am so happy! I will never, ever eat them nor will I ever sell them on eBay (because the guy who knows a guy my husband knows told me I'm not allowed) but they are supposed to be red, white and blue on the inside, but I will likely never find out since I am never opening them!!! It was a little pre-birthday treat for me. I lurrve it.


Seeker said...

Hi Saucy!
What a neat deal... M&M's from Air Force One! I'd keep 'em for posterity, too.
Came here by way of Uncle Joe's blog. Keep blogging, you have a nice start!

Anna said...

That is so awesome. What an amazing gift. M&M's from air force one. Who would have guessed.

NancyBradshaw said...

I could not not eat them. How will yo ever know what they really look like?


Christine said...

Well I bet thats slightly frustrating having a package of M&M's that are special but you can't open them to look at them or eat them. I'm sure I'd wind up giving up and just eating them anyways haha. Do you still have them now?

Christine Bruce