eau de... play doh?

My tres elegant new fragrance.......and it really, truly smells like the real thing! It is a limited edition fragrance in honour of the 50th Birthday of the doh, this scent has been created by Demeter. Sidney and I are enjoying it. We even got a little tub of Play Doh as a gift with purchase! A little salty, a little sweet. Yummy.


Marygrace said...
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AnastasiaC said...

I read about this - how unusual for someone to bottle the smell??!! I wonder if its flying off the shelves?

Anna said...

no way. How did I not hear about this? That is too funny!


lizp02 said...

that's unusual..

- Liz Park

NancyBradshaw said...

really? What a stellar idea! did it smell completely amazing? Playdoh always make me smile. =D

michelleb. said...

I just found the answer to a question I left in a previous post. Yes - that is Play Doh perfume!

I don't think I started following Blogs until mid-to-late 2007.


Christine said...

SOOOOO You have had this bottle for awhile then hey? I remember seeing it in an earlier blog post. That is super unique! I think if I saw that in a store I'd have to buy it too.

Christine Bruce