belated scrapbooking

Today I had to go to the University campus and I parked near where we had our wedding. It got me to feeling all nostalgic. I came home and started going through some of the wedding pictures. I am ashamed to admit that I still haven't finished scrapbooking our wedding. I am presently working on three little albums for my wonderful bridesmaids. I found three (matching, of course) little hardcover albums. I am just embellishing 4x6 photos, so it is scrapbooking on a very small scale. I have set a goal to have these little albums completed by our second anniversary - maybe I'll have the girls over for cosmos and give them their little keepsakes. Shame on me for not completing them sooner.

Here are some photos I am putting in the handheld scrapbooks: I'll post more another day.

A flock of flamingos marked the spot for the wedding - these two were special guests!

We had a wedding- cake pinata for the kids.

I arranged all of the wedding flowers - the night before the wedding. Buddy stayed up late with me and handed me the tools and kept me company. It was a nice way to spend time with him, just the two of us before Mom's wedding. I incorporated each of my friends' favorite flowers into their arrangements, in their own colours.

I put little figurines on the top of the cake that looked like our dogs, Wrigley and Jasper. By the way, I made the cake, too!

We had a Beatles tribute band, Liverpool, perform a set during the dance.

I will put real tiny feathers on this photo, leftovers from the flower arranging.


Funky Finds said...

Great photos! Thanks for visiting my blog (Funky Finds)!!!

Seeker said...

What a great wedding day you had! When's your anniversary?

lizp02 said...

You're pictures are breathtaking!

- Liz Park

NancyBradshaw said...

Your pictures really are amazing. I love your special events?

Christine said...

Aww I love the cake toppers! Thats so original. And before I even read the comment about the Beatles tribute band I was going to say the one guy looked alot like Paul McCartney! LOL! I was like SHE GOT THE BEATLES FOR HER WEDDING?! WAIT A MINUTE! Oh silly me.

Christine Bruce