baby's got a brand new bag

Yesterday my dear friend Pepper gave me the sweetest handbag that used to belong to her grandmother-in-law. She was getting ready to drop it to Goodwill and I spied it and ooooh, I loved that little bag! Well she gave it to me and it is too, too, cute and summery. It looks like it is from the sixties and I just love the sixties! I will feel just like Jackie Kennedy when I wear this with my grey shift dress! I am beside myself and can't wait to doll myself up.

My girlfriends and I live in a world where we do little things for each other all the time and it is so kind and civilized. I mean, why not share? We do it all the time. As a matter of fact, that Pepper of mine is always showing her "random acts of kindness" and that was way before Oprah copied her. You simply cannot walk the streets of New York with that girl, she is constantly feeding homeless people. Back in her modeling days, she ate at the best restaurants in NY and then gave the bums half her sandwiches. And I don't mean just her doggie bag leftovers, I seriously think she set aside half that meal on purpose, especially if she knew there was a bum outside. "I won't give you money, but here is a nice apple", I have seen her do that, shop with apples in her purse in case she saw bums.

And do not go downtown with her, she is like a meter maid except when she sees that someone's time has run out, she plugs their parking meter with her spare change. That is just the kind of gal she is. She invented the random act of kindness.

Thanks for the bag, Pepper!


Seeker said...

What a great friend, and what a great retro-bag. Enjoy.

Anna said...

That retro bag is so pretty. I love the vintage look. It is so nice of your friend to be so giving with others.


Christine said...

That bag is so cute! And it's so sweet of your friend Pepper to be that kind of person. The world needs more Pepper's and Saucy's!

Christine Bruce