we're into it, fall edition

It's fall!  The leaves are golden and falling on our street.  It's sad to see summer fly away, but a new season brings... new stuff!  Here are a few things that we're into around here.

Everyone is into the Altuzarra collection for Target and Saucy is no exception.  The pieces are nicely made (for the most part) and the basics (pencil skirt, tuxedo pants and jacket) are cut really well.  They'll be good for travelling and a few events coming up.  Saucy managed to grab the boots and the crazy black sweater with birds on it.  The dresses look nice in photos but seem a little flimsy in person.  The sequins make a few of the pieces look cheap and the faux fur jacket was avoided to spare Veto any Muppet jokes.  Sometimes it's best to stick to basics.

In a moment of weakness last night Saucy ordered this Lug Cartwheel fitness/overnight bag.  After visiting New York last week, she realized that it was time to retire her carry on.  It was a hard decision because it has so many damned pockets and just keeps expanding and growing no matter what you stuff inside. This looks like it might be an acceptable replacement... plus it actually can do double-duty as a yoga bag when not travelling.  Those two quilted pocket/flaps hold a yoga mat.  The sides pop open with phone and tech storage, even a spot for makeup.  That's good... especially if you find the perfect lipstick, ever:

Tory Burch made the perfect sheer pink lipstick and named it Saucy!  Gah!  Saucy picked up two at the Madison Avenue store last week but should have nabbed a few more.  It's quickly becoming her go-to shade.

As summer winds down, so does Saucy's tube of Urban Decay Naked Skin body bb cream.  It's like the bb cream you put on your face - but for your arms and legs.  Let us think about that for a minute. It's just aces. 

Loopy brought a sample home of Caudalie Premier Cru eye cream and got Saucy hooked on it... enough to spring for a bottle.  It does seem to be going a very long way, though.  Used sparingly the bottle still appears almost full and it's been used morning and night all summer.

Veto splurged on a Clarisonic Pedi Foot "transformation set" and although Saucy is not completely sure if her feet are "transformed" she has rather enjoyed Loopy giving her pedicures and foot massages. 

During pedicure time, she should pour a drink of her favourite cocktail which is anything containing St. Germain.  Mix a light shot of this numbered edition spirit into sparkling wine, champagne or Bottle Green soda (available at Target).  


We brought home a bottle or two of Jack Rudy small batch tonic water from Boston.  It's amazing what a difference a good tonic makes to a solid G&T cocktail.  

And now that we have firmly established that Saucy is no teetotaller, she would like to assure you that her Kate Spade insulated tumbler is usually just filled with water or weak tea.  Indigo bookstore has a nice selection of Kate Spade goodies right now.  Now that she thinks of it, Saucy might head over there for a 2015 planner.  

Loopy found the ultimate Kate Spade score: a harmonica at Home Sense.  Do you love it?  We love it.

We also love our "selfie stick" otherwise known as a phone camera monopod.  Saucy found hers at a summer carnival and Veto thought it was the stupidest thing she ever bought.  Regardless, it's provided quite a few laughs and more than two or three pals have asked where she got it.  Now go ahead and order a few for the selfie-taking teens in your life.  What great little stocking stuffers!  Just pair the remote with your bluetooth device cell phone and start snapping!  Time to join Instagram.

On a more practical note, these micro fibre blue scrubbers from Home Hardware are the cat's pyjamas.  They're kind of soft but kind of scratchy at the same time. They last longer than a sponge and dry better. 

In the store for a package of pot scrubbers?  Grab a clear garden hose while you're there.  It's totally light and flexible and has made summer watering chores a breeze for Saucy's crippled, arthritic hands.

While she's working with those pot scrubbers and that fancy garden hose, Saucy is listening to playlists on her Songza app.  She may never download another song ever again.  It's a nominal monthly subscription fee on iTunes but totally worth it.  For just a couple of dollars, the tunes are always on and the mood is always right!

Taylor Swift's new song, are you into it?  We're into it.

Apparently lots of people are into "banana powder" and ask Loopy for it at work (as in, "if one more person asks for banana powder I'm going to lose my mind!").  It sounds like Kim Kardashian's makeup artist uses this yellow-toned highlighting powder liberally on Kimmy's heavily contoured face.  The yellow glow makes skin look smooth and warm and Ms. K will not step in front of a selfie stick without it.

Saucy found it last week at Ricky's Beauty Supply.  It was an awesome day... she got to meet blogging friend Grace who generously and graciously spent the afternoon taking Saucy on a native NYC adventure.  After treating Saucy to lunch at Laduree, Grace led her through SoHo where they picked up treats for Loopy and some of the other Cheerios.  Meeting Grace in person was a highlight of a perfect New York weekend.  She was all at once cosmopolitan and gracious and you can tell that she absolutely loves her city.  It was fabulous to see it through her eyes for a few hours!  Grace had the day cased and knew Saucy would just die to get into that beauty supply store where she would bag some banana powder, disposable mascara wands for Cheerio makeovers, fancy socks and other cute things.  Kisses and hugs to Grace!

We both also picked up a few packages of Flash Tattoos.  They're metallic (gold and silver) and can be placed on your body to look like jewelry.  You'll see them in a Cheerios photo shoot soon, to be sure.

If you like sassy temporary tattoos, Ricky's also carries Tattly's.  They're less glam and bohemian, more trendy and hipster.  And yes, Saucy checked it out and Ricky's ships to Canada! 

That's pretty much what we're into right now.  It seems like a particularly flighty list but then again, we are a little flighty.  Covered in temporary tattoos, sipping on fancy cocktails from an insulated tumbler, dancing to Taylor Swift music in the kitchen, playing along on a designer harmonica.  That sounds about right.

What are you into these days, Dear Reader?  Do tell.

birthday cake truffles

Recently Saucy made these amazing Birthday Cake Truffles from the Momofuku Milk Bar online cookbook. They were top-notch and delicious and what Saucy liked the most about them was the imperfect nature of the finished product. Unlike perfect just-so cake pops, these are a little rough and uneven. Almost artsy, one might say.

After visiting the Momofuku Milk Bar in Toronto last month, Saucy is geared up to visit the flagship restaurant bakery this weekend in NYC. She's going to sample a few more of the goods and come home to replicate them. Brace yourselves, kids. It's going to be a parade of compost cookies, crack pie and Froot Loops meringues for a while around here.

Leaving today for New York City, Saucy is looking forward to seeing the city she hasn't visited in almost ten years and to reflect, as we all are, on the terrible events of 2001.  She has plans to visit a dear blogging friend and some friends who relocated there a few years ago. Might she even squeeze in a visit with her Japanese sister, who Loopy visited on exchange in Tokyo last year? If the stars align, if the stars align.

New York City is one of the greatest places on earth. And they have fabulous bakeries. If you haven't been, you need to go. Tell them Saucy sent you.

coffee filter wedding gown makeover

This might be one of the most far-fetched, high fashion wedding gown makeovers that Saucy and The Cheerios have attempted to date. When this dress arrived by bus, it was a head-scratcher, indeed.

The first problem with the gown is that inherently it wasn't a bad dress at all and didn't really need a makeover. It's only drawback? The bride who donated it our way had worn it in a "trash the dress" photo shoot a while ago... in a muddy river. Fabulous shoot idea to be sure, but it was hard on the dress. 

Saucy decided she had nothing to lose and threw it in the wash before taking these shots, before even trying to give it a makeover. If it couldn't come clean, that would determine its fate. Luckily, a hot water wash in a laundry bag with some Tide Boost pods and a few scoops of OxyClean (no paid endorsement) turned it out of the wash perfectly clean and creamy-white again. Then, Saucy had a good look at it in the backyard one day and she decided to haul out the old dance decorations the mother's committee made for the winter formal in 2012. 

She contacted Lashes, one of the junior Cheerios who has just graduated high school this spring. Lashes would be perfect for this gown.

Together, Saucy and Lashes whipped up a Pinterest-worthy hairstyle. It only took a few minutes and off they went, out and about in the neighbourhood.

Saucy can remember the day Lashes came to cheerleading tryouts. She's the kind of kid a coach dreams about, all smiles and dimples. She'd never had a dance or a gymnastics class before - but she jumped up and touched her toes, just like that. And so it went. For the next three years, Lashes picked up on dance steps at the drop of a hat and whenever Saucy could, she popped her into the front row so the judges could admire her smooth moves and the flash of her smile. 

Oh, and she winked at the judges. She's that kid. The smooth dancer/cool smiler/sly winker of the bunch. Once, to hide a messy pyramid building sequence, she was sent out front of it for three counts for a quick wave and wink and just like that - not a person in the stands noticed that Monty had to run from one side to the other while dodging Daisy Duke who had Trooper dangling upon her shoulders.

Are you sick of the nicknames already?

But really, that was how the story went. Lashes was so endearing on the mat she could be counted on to deter everyone her way. It was a slick trick and was employed more than once.

You do have to agree, they are all beauties, are they not? It makes Saucy sad that the weather is getting cold, school is starting up again, and time seems to be running out on wedding gown makeovers and photo shoot opportunities.

The coffee filter pom poms do look pretty amazing on this gown. They weren't even taken off their strings (look closely, above) so that they can be used as decorations for this year's winter dance again. Talk about recycling! Wedding gowns, dance decorations, coffee filters, packing tissue, we recycle it all around here. The Cheerios are a very eco-friendly bunch.

Saucy added a halter strap on the dress made of wide satin ribbon. It had a pinky tinge to it, which worked with the varied shades in the coffee filters.  Look at the poms... they also were stacked with vintage dress patterns from the Home Ec classroom and saved tissue paper from stores like Kate Spade and Tory Burch.

Maybe this really is a high-fashion creation, after all.

An alley behind a Chinese restaurant - and an old fridge

As naturally as she takes to dancing, Lashes takes to the camera. She poses like a pro, constantly moving and needing little direction. The only problem Saucy has with that is that there are way too many photos to choose from at the end of it all.

Cheer Coach Problem #471: working with fun kids who excel at more than several things and eagerly try new things. 
Not that Saucy is complaining, mind you. Not complaining at all.

sk8r girl sweetheart

It started earlier in the summer when Saucy and Snookie found these fabulous roller skates at a vintage store. They were sorely dirty and needed new laces. A visit with a Mr Clean Magic Eraser and some cute Derby Diva laces from eBay made them photoshoot ready.  

Sweetheart was called into action for this event.

She gamely laced them up and took them for a spin around town. They really do look almost new, don't they?  They're missing an eyelet if you look closely.  They might need to go to a skate repair shop... but should we even bother?  Nobody uses skates like this anymore.  They'll just be photo props.

Sweetheart wore an old strapless wedding gown from the thrift shop that Saucy dyed pink. It was full length and not good for showing off the skates so it was safety-pinned into poufy pickups and further fluffed with a vintage petticoat.  

Zoom-zoom!  Down the alleys and back roads downtown.

Gucci gets in on the photo shoot action.

On such a hot, beautiful summer night, model and photographer needed to stop for a cool treat.

Yes, she fell.  Saucy tried to reach around and they both went down.  Old cheerleading coach habits die hard and Saucy caught her around the waist.  There was lots of laughter all round - including from spectators, and there were many.

A little girl passing by squealed to her mother "ooh look Mommy, a princess!" and she was right. ;)

A princess on pink roller skates in front of her castle...

.... with her fairy godmother, in flip flops.