loopy update

The days are getting shorter and the sun is getting lower in the sky. Loopy still loves anything sunny, yellow and electric.  That means Pikachu.

She ordered this umbrella from eBay.  We didn't really get much rain on any of the days we could take photos.  It's so hard to get a good rain - although generally it's much easier to take photos on a cloudy or overcast day.  Try telling that to a bride who is crying because the skies are dark.  It's on the cloudy days that you don't have harsh shadows or people squinting into the camera.

On this sunny day with no rain, we stepped out onto the street right in front of the house.  We used a spray bottle to create some water drops on the umbrella.  Loopy had to be at work so we had only about ten or fifteen minutes to find our spot in the sun, stake out the location, and shoot away.  Afterwards, she sped into the house and pulled on her Sephora uniform and off she left for the mall.

That's mostly what we see her wearing these days - her black tunic with red trim.  It was nice to see her wear a little bright colour for photos.  

Usually her hands are covered with makeup "swatches" from showing people at work different lipsticks and eyeliners. She washes and sanitizes her hands all day and they get dry.  She loves everything else about her job, though.  Everything.

This jacket is not fancy.  I don't think.  I found it at Value Village and even though it has an Oscar de la Renta tag, someone had long since snipped off the buttons.  I suppose they said Oscar, so before the jacket was donated it got stripped of it's jewels. 

It made for a bright and happy photo, with the yellow leaves as accessories in the background.  The sunny yellow tones are matching her sunny disposition.

And the Pikachu phone case.  Always the phone case.  

Loopy has been busy.  She has her job, she has a nice boyfriend who also likes Pokemon.  She is saving her money to go back to Japan next year.  All is well.  

Pika! Pika!

little audrey

I met up with a little Audrey Hepburn in front of the jewelry store on a bright Sunday morning. She was, as you can clearly see, tres chic.

I am lucky to call her and her family my friends - we get together every summer for a little photo shoot and visiting. It's one of my highlights of the season, to be sure. This year I asked her if she would model for me as Audrey.  I could see a resemblance in her.

There's more than just resembling Audrey, there's something about channeling the great Miss Hepburn. She was a talented lady and a philanthropist and humanitarian. Those traits can be seen in this younger version - life will be a wonderful adventure to unfold before her as she grows up. 

Her mother and I discussed whether or not she should pose with the toy cigarette holder.  It's been kicking around here for years (my Cruella deVille costume circa 2007) and we decided that yes, it could be held for a few shots.  It is an iconic image from Breakfast at Tiffany's.  It's hardly a carte blanche endorsement of the tobacco industry.

All in good fun.  All for the larks of it.

Oh, how I would have enjoyed a dress up session like this at that age.  Things are much more fun these days.  

Loopy, Snooks and I have been enjoying watching old Audrey Hepburn movies. Sabrina last week.  Next week, Roman Holiday.

Before that, I have a little getaway to NYC with Veto over the weekend.  His new position (now going on a year) involves more travel than ever before.  I doubt I will be able to blog the Emmy dresses, but I can see what my chances are.  I've never blogged from my iPad before.  If you don't see a blog post here on Monday morning, you might want to check Twitter.  You know how much I need to discuss these very important things.

At the very least, you can rest assured that come Monday morning I will be found on Fifth Avenue, coffee in hand, having my breakfast croissant and gazing into the windows I love so much.  I just hope I look as glamorous as this young lady while window shopping.

I might have to pack those gloves.

flash tattoo princess

As summer winds down, there is only so much time to complete all of the projects (photo shoots) that we wanted to do this year.  Where did all of the beautiful days slip away to?

The girls are so grown now.  The Cheerios are starting to go out on their own.  Roxy is far away, pursuing law school and busy with her sorority.  JWoww has her own little baby and he is beautiful.  Trooper and Velcro have continued cheering at university and for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  Beegie is volunteering at the Women's Centre between classes. Fly Girl is done her program and out working in the real world.

Loopy and Snookie are still at home, with us.  Snookie was a bridesmaid last fall... without sounding too much like Michelle Duggar, that "season" of life is now upon us.

This brings us to the age-old question, what is to be done with the bridesmaid dress after the wedding is over?  Usually it is relegated to the rear of the closet.  You know you have one or two stashed away yourself.  Snookie dug hers out for a styled photo shoot last week.  Her first bridesmaid dress.

The dress was simple and straightforward enough in the first place, we decided not to trash it or make it over.  We embellished it with a few packages of temporary metallic flash tattoos and some jewelry.

The flash tattoos have been kicking around the house for a couple of years.  We bought them online when Beyonce was first seen wearing them - and then didn't really know what to do with them.  It's not like they are the kind of thing you wear to a university chemistry class.  At least, if you want to be taken seriously.

Now, they're readily available at the dollar store.  When you see something trendy in the dollar store, its a pretty good sign the trend might soon be over.  You'd better use up what you have.  

The arm piece was the coolest find from the florist supply.  I was there with Daisy Duke a couple of weeks ago to pick up supplies for a homecoming project.  

Do you think it's pretty awesome that The Cheerios still ring up and come around to do projects, even halfway through university?  It is.

Because they are awesome.

The headpiece - is it a coronet?  A headband?  A tiara?  Whatever it is, it's super delicate and was hauled home from a recent trip to Boston.  I knew the moment I laid my eyes upon it that it was photoshoot-worthy.

I don't want to make light of the fact that Snookie is amazingly beautiful, you can see that for yourself.  Even in a worn bridesmaids gown on the riverbank on a cool evening.  

She's pretty clever and hard working too, that's more important. 

Now she will be able to officially retire this, her first bridesmaid gown.  The last time she was a blog model, she wore a wedding gown.  Things appear to be operating in reverse over here!

I've spent a lot of time on the Internet lately.  I have been thinking about what young women see online.  I wish they saw more thoughtful, interesting role models.  

I wish there were more Malalas or more Ronda Rousies.  

I wish there were fewer Kim Kardashians and Trisha Paytas wannabes.

I wish more girls had the courage to be like Loopy and Snookie and the rest of The Cheerios.  Even though they are beautiful, they are living good lives.  They are making fine (sometimes difficult) choices.  It's hard to see that much online these days.

Actually, online can get very depressing.  Online, your heart can ache for the future of womanhood.

I am grateful that I have these girls in my life to make my heart hurt a little less about what the future holds.  

Even though I take photos of them to celebrate how beautiful I think they are on the outside, they know they are smart and beautiful on the inside.  No amount of makeup or jewelry or fake tattoos can change that. 

If you have a young person in your life, ask them who they look up to.  Ask them who they follow on Instagram and go have a look! The answer might surprise you!  

share a coke with a friend

I miss blogging. I miss the cool people I met over the blog even though most of them eventually migrated (with me) over to Facebook and Instagram.  Instagram is just so, instant.  The blog is a major amount of work.  

It took a few little projects to pull me here again.  I want to share some things and this is the best place to do it.  Some photo shoots.  Some pictures of our house in Arizona and the renovations we did there in the spring.  Some baking.  I've still been doing all the stuff I used to do, but not blogging it.

It was fun to get together with my sweet neighbour girls for a friendship-inspired photo shoot at the new amusement park in town. It was closed for a year for renovations and we went there on a cool Friday night to snap some shots.

 They were just perfectly cute in their matching Chucks.  I took along tiny bottles of Coke and a few other props.  Lucky for me, we took so many shots and did so many "looks" I can spin that one shoot into a couple of blog posts.  Now you know the true, lazy me.

The best pics in a shoot like this are the ones with natural, candid reactions.  Do you agree? 

Who doesn't love a cold bottle of soda with a cute paper straw?

"I love you to the moon and back"

There have been so many changes in our life.  Things are great and everyone is happy.  I don't know what to share and what not to share but I suppose it will all unfold naturally.  I just know this: if anybody knows someone who is super gifted with web design and blog templates, I could surely use some help dusting this old buggy off and getting the engine running again.  I miss it.